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On the Gold Coast
14 – 15 March 2020

In Sydney NSW
21 – 22 March 2020


Join Ben and Sheri Jones and some inspiring young business owners at this inspiring event

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In The Press  


What Ive enjoyed the most is the training is so easy to understand and very effective. My kids have learnt so much from Ben & Sheri than they could of from me.
If I had known this knowledge 10 years ago – the 4 businesses Ive been involved with would be a lot more successful that’s for sure.

I’d tell anybody who is thinking of coming to the workshop – what you are going to achieve is so exciting.


I brought along my 2 children and we are just loving this workshop. I was unprepared for how much I was going to learn myself out of this workshop. Ben & Sheri’s training is fantastic. I love their style – they are engaging, accessible and its clear & informative for all ages. Anybody who is thinking about coming to this workshop. It will be the best investment of your time you can possibly make.


I’ll be honest with you – originally I came to this workshop just for my teenager. After doing it, its reignited something in me and Im excited to start a business with my daughter. After doing the workshop its going to make my life a lot more relaxed and content knowing that she is going to be educated as an entrepreneur and a business owner. Im really excited its filling in the gaps. Definitely come to the workshop – it will make a difference in your life!

ARISHI – 12 yrs old

I loved this workshop cause you get so many ideas about starting up a new business. Im extremely inspired and confident to start my own business. We learnt what steps to take, what mistakes not to make, how to test your business out before you implement it, so you know its going to work. It was amazing the amount of information Ben & Sheri have given in such a short time.

MISHA SOLARIA – 13 yrs old

I feel motivated and Im really excited to start business. Ive learnt so much from Ben & Sheri to implement in my business and day to dayThe training is very informative, absolutely loved it, really good tactics, tips and tricks. . It makes me feel excited, motivated and I’m looking forward to the future.

Glen O Rouke – Entrepreneur

I have had an amazing time at eh workshop, I bought my son and it has been incredible. I’m an entrepreneurial type person so I’ve been to many different seminars before, but this one is different, because is not only about the child but about the family. The positive impact that this will have on not only my son who attended but on my other children and the whole family is simply amazing! The information from the workshop will change the future for them!

Amilia - 15 yrs old

I didn’t know what to expect, but the workshop has been super useful, I learnt how to build my own website, how to use facebook and how to start a business.  I will take what I have learned and start a business.

If you’re thinking about coming, I would say just definitely do it, it has been really good, and I’ve learnt so muchl.

Justin 16 yrs old

I’ve learnt that it is not that hard to start up your own business, I thought this workshop would be technical and hard but I found it really easy, I would say to people just come along no mater what you think, just come along for the experience and learn how to start your own business. It has been amazing.

Jane Doe

What an Incredible weekend of learning!  The highlights for me have been how you can support your children to be entrepreneurs. And how they can be making money from their businesses before they leave school. A special take away was watching my daughter build her confidence this weekend and feel that she could be a business owner and really impact her life

Lise Lenaghan, Renovator / Property Investor

During the workshop my son created his own business – and it works! He made $74 profit on the weekend. I loved seeing my son totally focused and learning, exploring, and all self-motivated. Seeing a side of my son blossom and seeing him run with it was really special.

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The Kids Biz program has been amazing. They have taught me so many things. It has been really really amazing. Ben and Sheri have guided us through the whole way and taught us so much.

SASSY 12 years


Its been really helpful starting up a business so young. I have learnt how to be a young entrepreneur and set up a business so young. Its been really good.

MEGHAN 13 Years


The Kids Biz program is really good and has helped my business a lot. Ive learnt how to price things and spend money. You should totally join – its so much fun and really worth it.

KAI – 12 Years


The Kids Biz program is lots of fun and has been a great experience.. If you were thinking of joining the program I would say do it.

JESSICA 15 Years


The Kids Biz program has been really helpful to learn different techniques and I have learnt some great business skills that I don’t learn in school.

A lot of the things we learn some adults don’t know and it has really set me up for life.

CONNOR – 13 Years

Meet Ben and Sheri Jones 

If you haven’t met us before we are a husband and wife team with four  wonderful children. We are also serial Entrepreneurs, Investors and philanthropists with an unshakable optimism for young people and the entrepreneurship

As our kids started to grow up they started to want incomes of their own. It was important to us  to give them the financial education we never had in school.

We felt that they best way was to help them take what they are passionate about and turn it into  profitable businesses. After starting a business with our son, we kept getting asked by other parents how to do it. We looked everywhere for a quality education program where we could send them but could find anything. So we decided to create our own 

Over the years we have worked with hundreds of families, showing them how to help their kids become financially independent and achieve their own goals and dreams.

The kids we have mentored have gone on to create awesome businesses and received recognition in local, national and international newspapers, radio and TV coverage. Some of them are even earning more than their School principle (one even wrote a book about it) and a bunch of them are looking at buying houses before they are 18.

These days we love sharing what we’ve learned on our journey as parents of budding entrepreneurs. For us there is nothing more satisfying than the excitement young people have when they start making their first business income!

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Want FREE Live Training

That Opens Young Minds To Business?

Give your kids valuable business skills, that enables them more choices in life