Introducing Our $1k Club

As part of our program we have what is called a $1k club, this is a club anyone will join when they do $1k in sales in their business in a month! It’s a great motivator
for the kids and teens to aim for on their business journey and they are rewarded for their efforts! Below you can see all those who have reached this goal and their stories behind how they’ve made it happen, and it’s only growing from here! Be inspired below!

To your success, Ben and Sheri Jones

Sven & Ari - $5,022

Our current challenge record holders bought popcorn wholesale, repackaged and sold Caramel Popcorn. Sven & Ari also baked dog treats and sold their products at a market

Kyle & Madeline $2,957

Also known as the Eco Twins, Kyle & Madeline have created an eco-friendly business and used a method called dropshipping to sell crystals, water  bottles and bracelets during their 30 day challenge. 

Kai Seymon - $2,786

Aged just 11 and travelling over 4 hours a day for school Kai set the first record in the $20 challenge back in 2018.  Kai hand makes fidget toys and sells them at markets and online with his own ecommerce website. Kai also sold meals to office workers and other baked goods.

Rica, Jess & Dayna $1747

Sold chocolates, made and sold energy balls, sold secondhand bricks, as well as car washing and they ran a garage sale

Rose-Townsend Family $1487

An eco-friendly family wanting to build a business that reduce plastic, they sold stainless steel straws through dropshipping online, meaning they had no upfront costs. A great success for this family

Gabriel & Mila $1323

During their challenge Gabriel and Mila wholesaled rocky road and sold it for Fathers Day, they also made cookies and chocolates to sell as well as an upsell with the Rocky Road

Halim Family $1,229

The Halim Family set out and sold cookies, popcorn and juice. Some items they made and some were wholesaled. They sold their items by going door to door and in their local parks.

Carina & Sienna $1244

Carina provided a service and focused on tutoring students, which had no upfront costs. Sienna did some baking and sold her homemade brownies, caramel slice and rocky road

Gabriel & Mila $1323

These girls love baking, so they decided to sell and package up their rocky road and popcorn. They sold a lot of packs over Fathers Day and packaged them up accordingly and they also had flyers to go along with it on how people could order more

Heaton Family $1161

At 11 years old Ned has a huge passion for the impact plastic has on our oceans. He wants to ban plastic toothbrushes and has now created a bamboo line of toothbrushes called ‘Turtle Tribe’ during their challenge, the family sold the toothbrushes, went busking and made cupcakes

Howitt Family $1,125

This family of 9 went out and presold their services of kerb painting. They went painted street numbers on kerbs and were able to upsell some people to get glow in the dark paint. They achieved there sales in just 6 days!

Josh & Pete $1,066

Being the day before Anzac Day the boys thought quick smart and went and bought Anzac Cookies from Woolworths to sell. They also wholesaled fidget spinners, as well as cleaning peoples wheelie bins for a fee

Sage, Spirit & Maliyan - $1060

We love that this family tried lots of different things, and they all made sales, they sold cookies, sold dog treats, ran a Garage Sale, Offered a Kerb Painting service, Busking

Aaron Hydes $1024

Aaron used his passion for surfing and the beach to make money during his challenge. He did surf photography and sold them on items such as calendars, postcards and canvas 

Shivaansh - $1009

Sold bliss balls, Mini pizzas and sushi. Sold succulents, Sari, Cookies in Nepal Lotus nuts and flatbreads