Hello we are

Ben and Sheri Jones…

If you haven’t met us before we are a husband and wife team with four wonderful children. We are also serial Entrepreneurs, Investors and philanthropists with an unshakable optimism for young people and the entrepreneurship

As our kids started to grow up they started to want incomes of their own. It was important to us to give them the financial education we never had in school.

We felt that they best way was to help them take what they are passionate about and turn it into profitable businesses. After starting a business with our son, we kept getting asked by other parents how to do it. We looked everywhere for a quality education program where we could send them but could find anything. So we decided to create our own

Over the years we have worked with hundreds of families, showing them how to help their kids become financially independent and achieve their own goals and dreams.

The kids we have mentored have gone on to create awesome businesses and received recognition in local, national and international newspapers, radio and TV coverage. Some of them are even earning more than their School principal (one even wrote a book about it) and a bunch of them are looking at buying houses before they are 18.

These days we love sharing what we’ve learned on our journey as parents of budding entrepreneurs. For us there is nothing more satisfying than the excitement young people have when they start making their first business income!