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Youth In Business Kick Start Pack

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Remember that this online program is selling on our website for $97, and even at that price it is totally worth it. However Because we would like you to learn and get results before attending the Youth In Business Workshop. We are offering this training at a massively reduced investment – just $97 for everything in the pack. And again, this crazy offer will not be repeated.

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  • How to come up with a winning business idea and quickly test if it will work
  • How to start with less than $20 and just a few hours a week
  • The 7 things a great kids business must have to succeed,
  • Five step process to creating a successful kids business
  • The success secrets of some amazing teenage millionaire business owners
  • How to make your first sales really quickly – maybe even before the end of the weekend!
  • Plus heaps of fun activities and games with business learnings