Youth In Business TV

Abi Smithson 'Love Sandal'

Who hates ugly sandal tan lines? Wouldn’t a pretty heart shape be so much better.. that’s what Abi thought! At just 10 years old she created the Love Sandal!

Brandon & Sebastian Martinez 'Are You Kidding'

8 & 10 year old boys who love socks create an awesome company called ‘Are You Kidding’. Where they have created different socks for different charities and supported them with the profit they have made…

Briella Brown ‘Your Closet’

At age 18 Briella Brown noticed how much school formal/ball dresses were costing her and her friends to buy brand new dress everytime – it wasn’t until she thought the idea of renting out dresses came to mind when she started her business ‘Your Closet’

Alina Morse 'Zollipops'

Alina Morse created a sugar free lollipop that is actually good for your teeth! Check out this inspiring interview from Alina and how she got started at just 7 years old!

Hart Main 'Man Cans'

Wouldn’t bacon, pizza or gun powder scented candles be awesome! Well that’s exactly what Hart Main created.. after wanting a new bike he decided to create candles that men would like! Watch to hear how Hart got started with his business Man Cans!

Lily Born 'Kangaroo Cup'

Lily Born wanted to be able to help out those who suffered with Parkinson’s like her grandfather – so she created the ‘Kangaroo Cup’ and with the help of crowdfunding it really took off!

Ryan Kelly 'Ry's Ruffery'

Dog loving Ryan created ‘Ry’s Ruffery’ to be able to provide the healthiest treats to his dog… after being a contestant on Shark Tank he went on to be very successful.. watch to learn more about Ryan’s journey!

Asya Gonzalez 'Stinky Feet Gurlz'

Asya Gonzalez has a passion for fashion she shares her story about how she got started at just 14 years old with her 1940’s inspired t-shirt and apparel

Sarah Partridge 'EJ Todd'

Starting with her passion for fishing, Sarah and her Dad starting selling tackle and lures to friends and family – she is now selling in national stores in Australia – learn more about Sarah’s story and how she got through the challenges she faced while in business

Anna Williams 'Pens Ink'

Learn how Anna Williams started her successful business selling pens… at just 10 years old she was covered on national media – the press went so well the number of people on her website made her page crash!

Isabella Dymalovski 'Love Ur Skin'

As a dancer and performer Isabella wore a lot of make up – she wanted something good and natural for her skin to remove it and to put on her skin daily. After working with her mum and meeting with chemist’s she has created a good for you natural skin care range..

Tadyn Flood

Tadyn is an awesome little entrepreneur – after asking for an Apple watch and his parents saying no, he decided to create a business selling candles at markets. Tadyn has been featured on national news in Australia – and has a lovely story to share about his journey in business

Josh Apitz 'Seagull Milk'

Josh Apitz is a very successful young entrepreneur, starting a non-slip sunscreen aimed at surfers, it is all natural. Listen to Josh’s story here…

Ned Heaton 'The Turtle Tribe'

Conscious about the environment, Ned Heaton created a bamboo toothbrush and got national news coverage in Australia. Listen to his successful story 

Ollie Forsyth 'The Makers'

From starting out charging his parents for cups of tea and being bullied in school to now creating a podcast and networking with entrepreneurs all over the world, listen to Ollie’s journey of a young entrepreneur…

Cory Nieves 'Mr Cory's Cookies'

13 year old Cory created a healthy, all natural ingredient delicious cookie – after being featured in The Huffington Post and on The Ellen Show, his business has skyrocketed!

Zandra Cunningham 'Zandra Beauty'

An inspiring story of how Zandra got started in her business ‘Zandra Beauty’ with a big love of lip balm she went on to create her a very successful business